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Studio Montefiorino

About us

Who we are

We are a group of friends with skills in web design, development, graphics and photography.
We like to consider ourselves digital artisans, able to intertwine characters and skills to create unique and captivating experiences on the web (like little spiders weaving a digital web).
Below we have created a playful path which, in addition to listing our skills, will allow you to independently verify whether your business, whatever it is, has the necessary requirements to present itself to the public or if it is necessary to intervene on some aspect.
Play with us and find out how to get a successful online presence!

Identità visiva

1) Visual identity

The path begins here.
The trademark of an activity represents its distinctive signature, its face and the key to establishing a relationship of trust with its audience. It must be recognizable in every situation, online and offline; whether you represent a global company, small business or individual.
To ensure maximum versatility and visibility, we will create your logo in vector graphics. To ensure its protection, we will help you register it.
If you already have a trademark that does not meet some of these requirements, we will take care of the restyling or create a new one in continuity with the previous one.
Let your brand spread its web, conquering every corner of your business: from business cards to gadgets, to an exciting online presence.


2) Website

Why a website? Isn't social media enough?
Social media is useful for promoting and amplifying your online presence, but, by its nature, it makes it more difficult to verify the identity and authenticity of information.
A dedicated, well-designed and curated website provides a solid and self-contained basis for presenting yourself, sharing information and interacting with your audience in a structured and professional environment that reflects the image and values of your company (or your personality as an artist ). Furthermore, ownership of the domain and published content frees your work from the changing politics of social media.


3) E-Commerce

Scopri i vantaggi dell'e-commerce!

  • Differenziazione dalla concorrenza: Il tuo negozio online sarà unico, conferendo alla tua marca una personalità distintiva. Ti permetterà di emergere nel mercato e di farti notare dagli acquirenti.
  • Vendita diretta dei prodotti: Grazie al tuo sito e-commerce, potrai vendere i tuoi prodotti direttamente ai clienti, senza intermediari. Questo ti permetterà di avere un controllo maggiore sulle tue vendite e di massimizzare i profitti.
  • Catalogo prodotti consultabile: I tuoi clienti potranno esplorare il tuo catalogo di prodotti tramite funzioni di ricerca avanzate. Inoltre, potrai integrare le pagine social per offrire ulteriori informazioni e rassicurare gli utenti sulla tua affidabilità.

Ma non ci fermiamo qui! 
Siamo consapevoli dell'importanza della tecnologia e della conformità alle leggi vigenti. Ci assicureremo che il tuo sito e-commerce sia all'avanguardia, rispettando gli standard di navigazione e indicizzazione  più recenti e le norme a tutela della privacy dei tuoi clienti.


4) SEO

The term SEO, Search Engine Optimization (optimization for search engines), refers to the activities aimed at improving the visibility of a website on search engines.
Aware of the enormous opportunity this entails for your business, we design sites with the specific aim of positioning them effectively on search engines (Google in primis but also Bing, DuckDuckGo and the many others). Ensuring a solid online presence allows you to reach a wider audience and start weaving a success story onto the digital canvas.
N.B.: Is your current site lacking in SEO but don't want or can't replace it at the moment? Let's talk about it, we can work with you to improve its indexing.


5) Social

The fundamental role played by social media in our daily lives is undeniable.
They are accessible, simple and intuitive media; however it is easy to get lost in the digital chaos that distinguishes them. The coherent use of the brand and the company's stylistic features, together with a common communicative register on the website and social networks, will allow you to keep your personality strong and distinctive.
If you are looking for an effective way to promote your company or present your artistic products, let our digital textures spread on social networks!

Web marketing

6) Internet Marketing

Discover your potential, it's time to get noticed!
We are almost at the end of the process: the website has been optimized for SEO and we have carefully taken care of the presence on the main social media; it's time to make the most of these resources and attract customers!
On the web there are endless opportunities for promotion, both free and based on targeted investments. We are well aware that each activity has its own peculiarities, and for this reason it is essential to invest in your specific market, without wasting resources.
If you think it's too complicated or expensive, don't worry, we'll help you optimize every investment by adopting a strategy aimed at maximizing results.

Web Application

7) Web applications

Does your management system not integrate with your e-commerce, or do you have specific needs that it does not support? Consider our solution: A-Way, a management system that integrates natively with the sites we create.
Do you like the management software you have but unfortunately it doesn't have all the features you want? Tell us your needs and we will propose ad hoc solutions to solve your problems.
But above all, YOU cast the web and capture us in your project, after all, you know your business better than anyone else and we love to get involved to find, together with the customer, the best solutions.
And if your idea is truly innovative… we might have some good news for you!

Ancillary activities

8) Ancillary activities
And here you are!
In summary, Studio Montefiorino offers you a complete service to accompany you along the path outlined so far. Our broad range of expertise includes high-quality, high-impact photography, eye-catching illustrations, professional layout, engaging infographics, and custom software development. Also, we can organize breathtaking aerial shots using advanced drones. And if this requires collaboration with specialized suppliers, we can easily manage this part too.
We are here to satisfy all your creative needs!

Does all this scare you? You need? You do not know? The best thing is to contact us!